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March 2010

Bay Area Fellowship JANES Newsletter

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To help stuff Easter envelopes, contact Connie Ramirez at rrramirez@grandecom.net.
To help with BAKidz Easter childcare, contact

You can still order
GLO t-shirts at the bookstore through Easter weekend.
T-shirts are $16.
Also pre-order your
GLO DVDs and CDs at the bookstore for $20.

Operation Write Home

Is an outreach dedicated to creating handmade cards to send to our Military Men & Women who are serving our country. We send notes of encouragement, hope and scriptures to help them get through their day. We want them to know that we appreciate all they do for us and they are not forgotten. So come join us! We are always looking for new faces. No experience required. We meet every Tuesday @ 7:00 if you interested call me at 361 877-5656. God has blessed us with friendships and lots of fun. Don't forget to keep our military men and women in your prayers. May we give GOD the Glory...
Dorothy Briones


I am full, full, full - like I've just feasted at God's banquet table. Full of joy, full of thanks, full of awe, full of desire to see even more of God's beauty reflected in His church! God's presence was so powerful and I'm so thankful to Pastor Bil and Jessica and all of our incredible staff for their generosity in giving their support, time and talents to bless our city and our church. Please help me bless them by sending an email or a note their way to thank them!

More than a hundred hands were lifted on Thursday night to receive Christ and again on Friday night!! And I am still overwhelmed with your generosity to give A21 Campaign twenty thousand dollars - wow! We had 1750+ in attendance on Thursday night and 1650+ on Friday night. Thank you for bringing your friends to see JESUS - He was truly glorified in our worship, through His Word and through your generosity! We are blessed to be a part of what God is doing at Bay Area Fellowship and in our city. So many of you have sent me emails & notes on Facebook about how God worked in your life! I love reading your stories - please keep sending them this way - we love to see the fruit God is producing in your hearts!

If your heart is as full as mine, and you're trying to figure out what to do next, there are several great options...if you're wanting to get involved in ministry to our community, contact Marta Gonzalez at martp26@yahoo.com. If you want to join a women's hometeam, contact April Atkinson at april.atkinson@yahoo.com. If you want to join a Bible study, conctact Alene Snodgrass at alene@alenesnodgrass.com. If you'd like to be a part of our next event, contact Robin McNaueal at seejaneshine@gmail.com. And last but not least, if you'd like to be a part of a team of women who serve at church, contact Connie Ramirez at rrramirez@grandecom.net.

Speaking of serving, I hope all of you got to attend a service this weekend and hear all about EASTER!!! If you did, you heard Pastor Bil talk about the envelopes full of special gifts that we are giving to every person who attends Easter weekend. We will be stuffing 15,000 envelopes from March 29-31 at 9 am each morning and we need lots of help!!! Please contact Connie at rrramirez@grandecom.net and let her know when you can help!! :) Many hands make light work and we'll have lots of fun while we're at it! The church is providing coffee and donuts too! Also, we are having TEN SERVICES for Easter: Thursday, April 1 at 6:30, Friday, April 2 at 5 & 6:30, Saturday, April 3 at 3:30, 5 & 6:30, and Sunday, April 4 at 8:30, 10, 11:30 and 1. Pastor Don needs lots of extra help taking care of our precious children especially during the extra 5 services. Please contact annh@bayareafellowship.org to help love on kiddos so that all of our guests that weekend will feel great about leaving their children in our care! Remember, this is one of two weekends that so many who don't know Jesus will come to our church during year. Pastor Bil is believing that 1,000 people will accept Christ in our Easter services. Please consider giving your time to be a part of this amazing thing that God will do!

So much is happening! So exciting - be sure to jump in where you feel led to be a part of God's plan! Nothing like it!

Love you so!
Daphne Fine
Janes Women's Ministry Leader
Bay Area Fellowship
361-993-5900 ext 107


There is something so special about women encouraging women. If you attended the GLO conference, you definitely witnessed that taking place. And chances are that you want more opportunities to be around encouraging and inspiring women.

See Jane Grow has just those opportunities for you. There will be four new studies beginning this Saturday. Make sure you visit the See Jane Grow web site, get information, and sign up.

More detailed information about about the studies can be found HERE.

Alene Snodgrass
See Jane Grow Coordinator

Thank you for taking the time to read this newsletter. If you have any questions about the JANES Ministry, please contact Daphne Fine.

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